An immersion 20 meters under the ground, in the bowels of history


Enter one of the most secret places of military history, and discover a real underground town, where more than 20.000 soldiers of the Commonwealth prepared the largest surprise attack of World War I.

La Bataille d'Arras

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La Bataille d'Arras


Every year, on 9th April, at 6.30 am (French time), a tribute is paid to the soldiers of the Commonwealth, at the foot of the Battle of Arras memorial wall. This international ceremony is open to all.

9th April 2021: 

Due to the health crisis related to the fight against the pandemic COVID-19 that the whole world is facing today, the annual dawn ceremony at the Memorial Wall of the Wellington Tunnels was cancelled.

To commemorate the 104rd Anniversary of the Battle of Arras, a virtual tribute was paid throughout the day of April 9th to remember the thousands of soldiers who took part in this bloody battle.
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La Bataille d'Arras

100th anniversary of the Battle of Arras

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