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La Bataille d'Arras


In order to offer the best experience possible to the thousands of tourists that come from all over the world for the Battle of Arras' centenary, people from and around Arras are mobilised.
In the streets of Arras, in the areas of visits, at the terrasse of the cafés, meet the Welcomers. People from Arras, proud of their city, its history, its heritage (ou cultural heritage) and eager to share their passion.
You need a direction, a translation, you want to meet people, the Welcomers of Arras are here to help the visitors during their stay and why not to take them by the hand and help them discover the many riches  of Arras.
A mobilisation that carries on the tradition of conviviality and friendliness, but also shows the city's gratitude toward thoses nationalities that came to defend peace in Artois a hundred years ago.

Look for smiling people with a red badge!

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